Salman Khan Breaks The Records in Lockdown | 'Tere Bina' 'Bhai Bhai'

Salman Khan Breaks all the records of his latest songs Notably, there is no doubt Salman Khan is the most kind-hearted person entire the Bollywood including he is also the most talented actor, he made three songs himself without any movie-making team & without a big production house, It looks like he geared up to do something special for his fans again and again.

Above all, Salman khan's upcoming movie action thriller 'Radhe' which was to be released of an occasion on 'Eid' but due to lockdown the movie release date has postponed nonetheless, he shot the music videos for his fans.

As we all know that everybody is stuck at home these days after PM Modi announced a national lockdown for 21 days after that, it has been extended regularly three times to prevent the coronavirus outbreak and some people have stuck far away from home.

As well as, India's current situation of coronavirus cases are rising rapidly, the total number of coronavirus cases are more than…

Treatment of COVID-19 | PM Announced Relief Package | All You Need To Know

There are more than 4,932,800 people who are infected with coronavirus (COVID-19) across the world and around 321,000 people have died which is the really massive number of coronavirus cases, infected cases continue to rise around the world which emerged in china.

Every country's government extends its lockdown to prevent the spreading of coronavirus and order to treat people with strictness and they will get fined. most of the confirmed cases are in the United States where the total number of infected cases are 1,554,700 and more than 92,100 people have died.
Lower Chances to recover After 60Elder people don't have a strong immune system, in an average mortality rate is higher in elderly people if infected by a coronavirus. they regularly hospitalized than young people for that reason most of elderly people are suffering from other diseases such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Weakness, and others which weaken their body's immune system.
Treatment of COVID-…

Top 5 Workout at Home | Ultimate Secret of Impressive Physique

In the Coronavirus outbreak, people are still at home these days during the lockdown, A government of every country had ordered a lockdown to prevent coronavirus (COVID-19), which is spreading quickly over the world around 3,836,800 people are infected of coronavirus and more than 265,300 people have died that's why people are afraid of going out from home.

The government has also a strict order to stay at home for everyone except doctors, medical services, and essential things providers. some countries ordered to fine for those who don't have a valid travel reason (essential travel) they will get fined.

Everybody stuck at their home these days and suffering from Mental & Physically health issues because they can not go anywhere, everything is closed only essential needs outside are available, Most of the people are in an abusive situation and desperate after staying home for this long as nobody is used to it.

We have some best exercise everybody needs to do at home to stay h…

iPhone SE | Why Should Buy This Phone | Special Features

iPhone SE 2: Apple finally announced its latest affordable second-generation iPhone SE 2 with ultimate new features as expected such as Touch ID will let you singing into your favorite app moreover Touch ID lets you securely unlock your phone and face ID unlock which is faster than iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR including A13 bionic chip which is the fastest chip eternally in smartphones.

Apple revealed its phone in a pandemic situation throughout during coronavirus which is spread around the world, more than 30,03,729 people have been infected across the world and 2,14,000 people have died due to coronavirus. Currently, one of the most infected countries is the US where the total number of coronavirus cases are 1,000,000 and 58,412 people have died, as we all very well know that Apple is a US-based company.

Probably Apple published its 13th generation of iPhone SE 2 for people to entertain them in such a pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) which this world is going through.

Apple SE 2 is av…

How Coronavirus Impact on Global Economy | world crisis

The global economy is under crisis during Coronavirus, The travel industry has ground to a pause with other industries such as the auto sector, restaurant industry, manufacturing sector, the hotel industry, and petroleum industries.

The IMF noted that the coronavirus outbreak would decrease the 3% GDP of the world in 2020, after that the global economy will come-out with unassuming gains.

Well, we do hope this pandemic ends as soon as possible because we all are exhausted in our homes without any doubts, we are behaving in an honestly positive manner of giving our best.

But some of the other ways we are worried about the economy,
On which our future depends, which our children's depends, which are country depends, which are living depends.So here we are on heat of the moment to discuss the circumstances of COVID-19 on our lovely economy which is reducing day by day. How Coronavirus 'Could' Transform The EconomySome of the world's economist says that the government should c…

World has Changed | Vaccine Approved in China | Coronavirus Update

The Next Big Thing, What Could Impact The Population in COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting more than 200 countries and regions across the world. thousands of people are dying day by day during pandemic disease, people are losing their loved ones. this is the critical situation nobody would have thought that it could ever happen.

There are 19,45,055, confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) and 121,897 people have died around the world which is a shocking statistic, according to Worldometer but still, Around 465,752 people are recovered from the virus while there is no specific medicine and vaccine yet which can kill the virus but doctors are continuously working on it, They're racing to develop a coronavirus vaccine. 

Good news, Sinovac Biotech Ltd is a pharmaceutical, research and development company are based in Beijing, China developed a vaccine for coronavirus, China govt. has approved to human test for two experimental COVID-19 vaccines and the trial will go ahead…

Boost Immune System By Some Superfood & Natural Ways

Boost Your Immune System By Consuming Some Superfood  

Many people are getting sick but some are adventurous even when they are sick with the flu because it's all about the body's immune system.

The immune system is made up of body organs, tissues, cells, and proteins. The main part of the immune system is white blood cells, The lymphatic system, and bone marrow.

These natural foods will boost your immune system, It will fight against any type of disease, virus, and illness. The immune system will help to keep a person healthy.
Currently, we need to consume these foods for our immune system to fight against coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic. 1. Garlic: It's one of the most expensively curing plants since former time, Garlic helps to reduce blood pressure and improves circulation and its also used in pain relief, insect bite, headache, dizziness, and release toxins from the liver. Garlic contains a heavy sulfur compound (Allicin) which boosts the body's immune system.
2. Ginger…